GefProcActions.Item (read-only property)

Gets the specified item from the collection.
Syntax: Set GefProcAction = object.Item ( Index )
Optional Index As long - The Index argument can range from 0 to Count-1.
Description: The Item method returns a specified procedure from the procedures collection.


Sub GefProcActions_Item()
    Dim oCimObj As GefObject
    Dim oCimProceduresObj As GefProcedures
    Dim oCimProcedObj As GefProcedure
    Dim oCimProcAct As GefProcActions
    Set oCimObj = CimGetObject
    Set oCimProceduresObj = oCimObj.Procedures
    If oCimProceduresObj.Count > 0 Then
        Set oCimProcedObj = oCimProceduresObj.Item(0)
        Set oCimProcAct = oCimProcedObj.Actions
        Select Case oCimProcAct.Item(0).Type
            Case gefActionOpenScreen
                MsgBox "The first action opens a screen"
            Case gefActionCloseScreen
                MsgBox "The first action closes a screen"
            Case gefActionPrevScreen
                MsgBox "The first action returns to the previous screen"
            Case gefActionHomeScreen
                MsgBox "The first action returns to the home screen"
            Case gefActionAbsoluteSetpoint
                MsgBox "The first action sets a points value"
            Case gefActionRelativeSetpoint
                MsgBox "The first action sets a points value"
            Case gefActionRampSetpoint
                MsgBox "The first action sets a points value"
            Case gefActionVariableSetpoint
                MsgBox "The first action sets a points value"
            Case gefActionToggleSetpoint
                MsgBox "The first action toggles a boolean point"
            Case gefActionOverlayScreen
                MsgBox "The first action overlays a screen"
            Case gefActionExecuteCommand
                MsgBox "The first action executes an external command"
            Case gefActionInvokeMethod
                MsgBox "The first action invokes a method on an OLE object"
            Case gefActionVariableAssign
                MsgBox "The first action sets the value of a variable"
            Case gefActionInvokeScript
                MsgBox "The first action calls a script"
            Case gefActionPrintScreen
                MsgBox "The first action prints the screen"
        End Select
        MsgBox "The object does not have any procedures"
    End If
End Sub