GefScreen.CloseEx (method)

Closes a screen and makes the CloseValue available to the CloseScreen and DialogClose events.
Syntax: object.CloseEx CloseReason
CloseReason As long -
Description: Closes the screen and makes the CloseReason available to the CloseScreen and DialogClose events using the GefEventContext.CloseReason property.

The CloseScreen event fires for all objects in the screen that is closing.

The DialogClose event is only fired in CimEdit or CimView on the ObjectToEdit when a dialog screen (that was opened using GefApplication.DialogPopup or GefScreens.DialogPopup) is closed.

Setting a non-zero value for CloseReason will allow a check if the status is ok or not. For example configure DialogPopup with an Ok and a Cancel button. Then have the Ok button return a 1 and have the cancel return a 2. Then on the parent screen check for which was selected on the dialog window. Not setting a close reason will make this property function like GefScreen.Close.


Sub GefScreen_CloseEx()
    Dim oCimScr As GefScreen
    Set oCimScr = CimGetScreen
    oCimScr.CloseEx 1
End Sub