GefScreen.ParentScreen (read-only property)

Gets the parent screen.
Syntax: Set GefScreen = object.ParentScreen
Description: The ParentScreen property returns the parent screen as a GefScreen object. This applies to screens that were opened using GefApplication.DialogPopup or GefApplication.CaptivePopup.


Sub GefScreen_ParentScreen()
    Dim oCimScr As GefScreen
    Dim oCimParentScr As GefScreen
    Set oCimScr = CimGetScreen
    Set oCimParentScr = oCimScr.ParentScreen
    If Not oCimParentScr Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "The parent screen is " & """" & oCimParentScr.Name & """"
        MsgBox "There is no parent screen"
    End If
End Sub