GefScreen.Select (method)

Selects the specified objects.
Syntax: object.Select What
What As GefSelectEnum -
Description: For GefScreen, the GefSelectEnum determines which objects will be selected.

In CimView, only one object can be selected at a time and it must be an action object. If multiple objects would be selected, the first object which is an action object will be selected. If no objects can be selected, the selection is emptied.


Sub GefScreen_Select()
    Dim oCimScr As GefScreen
    Dim oCimRng As GefRange
    Set oCimScr = CimGetScreen
    Set oCimRng = oCimScr.Selection
    oCimScr.Select gefSelectAll
    MsgBox "There are " & oCimRng.Count & " item(s) selected"
End Sub