GefScreens.Item (read-only property)

Gets the specified item from the collection.
Syntax: Set GefScreen = object.Item ( IndexOrName, Project )
Optional IndexOrName As VARIANT -
Optional Project As String -
Description: The Item method is the default method for collections.

The Index argument can range from 0 to Count-1.

The GefScreens collection supports access by index number or name.

Using the name you can specify either the full pathname or the file name of the screen. In addition you may specify the qualifying project associated with the screen. (The same screen may be open twice with different qualifying projects.) If you omit the project and multiple screens match the screen name, only one of the screens is returned.


Sub GefScreens_Item()
    Dim oCimScr As GefScreen
    Dim oCimScrs As GefScreens
    Set oCimScr = CimGetScreen
    Set oCimScrs = oCimScr.Parent
End Sub