GefTextFormat.GetTimeRelative (method)

Sets the format to be used for the TextExpression display.
Syntax: Boolean = object.GetTimeRelative ( TimeFormat )
TimeFormat As VARIANT* -
Description: The GetTimeRelative method gets the display format if it is configured to display time. The parameters correspond to the fields in the Text property page.


Sub GefTextFormat_GetTimeRelative()
    Dim oCimObj As GefObject
    Dim oCimTxtFmt As GefTextFormat
    Dim nTimeFmt As Variant
    Set oCimObj = CimGetObject
    Set oCimTxtFmt = oCimObj.TextFormat
    If Not oCimTxtFmt Is Nothing Then
        oCimTxtFmt.TextExpression = "$Project.DateTime"
        CimGetScreen.Refresh False
        If oCimTxtFmt.SetFormatToTimeRelative(gefTimeHH_MM_SS) = True Then
            CimGetScreen.Refresh False
            MsgBox "The value is now being displayed as relative time"
            If oCimTxtFmt.GetTimeRelative(nTimeFmt) = True Then
                Select Case nTimeFmt
                    Case gefTimeFormatMixed
                        MsgBox "The time format is unknown"
                    Case gefTimeDD_HH_MM_SS
                        MsgBox "The time format is Day Hour Minute Seconds"
                    Case gefTimeHH_tenths
                        MsgBox "The time format is in tenths of an hour"
                    Case gefTimeHH_MM_SS
                        MsgBox "The time format is Hour Minute Seconds"
                    Case gefTimeMM_tenths
                        MsgBox "The time format is in tenths of a minute"
                    Case gefTimeMM_SS
                        MsgBox "The time format is Minutes Seconds"
                End Select
            End If
        End If
        MsgBox "The object does not have any text to format"
    End If
End Sub