GefTextFormat.Multiline (property)

Gets and sets the MultiLine flag.
Syntax: Boolean = object.Multiline
object.Multiline = Boolean
Description: When this property is true, The text can be displayed in multiple lines by embedding the carriage returns (Chr$(13)) and linefeeds(Chr$(10)) at appropriate places.


Sub GefTextFormat_Multiline()
    Const crlf = Chr$(13) + Chr$(10)
    Dim oCimObj As GefObject
    Dim oCimTxtFmt As GefTextFormat
    Set oCimObj = CimGetObject
    Set oCimTxtFmt = oCimObj.TextFormat
    If Not oCimTxtFmt Is Nothing Then
        oCimTxtFmt.Multiline = True
        oCimTxtFmt.Text = "The" & crlf & "line" & crlf & "is" & crlf & "down."
        CimGetScreen.Refresh False
    End If
End Sub