Proficy Driver Server Technical Notes

Proficy Driver Configuration restricted to user who installed CIMPLICITY

Proficy Driver Configuration does not appear in the Start Menu of other users.

The Server Configuration button appears on the CIMPLICITY Device properties page, but does not invoke configuration tool.

Rename/Copy a CIMPLICITY Project

You must manually rename data\[OldProjectName].xml to [NewProjectName].xml and then resolve the internal project name.

Deleting the CIMPLICITY Proficy Driver Server Points/Device/Port

If you delete the points, device, or ports, and then uncheck the protocol, the data\[ProjectName].xml remains, and will be reused if you add the Proficy Driver Server again.

Proficy Driver Configuration is Not Always Disabled

If the CIMPLICITY Project is enabled for Change Management, the Proficy Driver Configuration will be disabled when following checkout rules, but the Proficy Driver Configuration can still be launched from the Start Menu.


If Proficy Driver Server is not licensed, the CIMPLICITY points will be unavailable, but ProficyDrivers.exe remains running. There is no device down alarm or other alarm.

When a CIMPLICITY Project or the Proficy Driver Server Shuts Down

  1. Normally, a CIMPLICITY project shutdown deletes the corresponding project in the Proficy Driver Server. If there are two CIMPLICITY ports for the Proficy Driver Server, and one is shutdown via Process Control, the remaining port will have unavailable points until the first is restarted and reloads the project.

  2. Abnormally, CIMPLICITY may not delete the project in the Proficy Driver Server. The Proficy Driver Server will continue to poll the target PLCs.

Shared File for User Settings

Proficy Driver Server user settings are stored in a single .xml file for each project and are shared by all projects on the computer. There are no individual settings for users.

Only one Proficy Driver Configuration per project is allowed on a single computer.

Bad Address Configuration

CIMPLICITY does not detect the configuration of a bad address, so no error will be reported.

More information

About Proficy Driver Server.