Step 4.1. Set General Point Properties

When you configure a new point in the Point Properties dialog box, entries on the General tab that apply particularly to the Proficy Driver Server configuration include the following.


When you select the Data Type for the point, the Proficy Driver Server determines the validity of that type for the selected point.

If the point is rejected by the Proficy Driver Server because the requested type is not valid, CIMPLICITY will:

Declare the point as invalid.

Log a message to the Status Log indicating that the point was rejected because the point type was invalid.

Note: In some Proficy Driver Server protocols, points may be any of several allowed point types.


You may configure points for Read-only or Read/Write.







Note: Review the Proficy Driver Server documentation for the protocol you are configuring. The more familiar you are with your particular protocol, the easier it will be to configure points successfully.

More information

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