Step 1. Open a Process Health Dialog Box

CIMPLICITY provides several methods to open a Process Health dialog box.

  1. Start the CIMPLICITY project.

Important: Do not enable dynamic configuration.

  1. Select Project>Advanced>Process Health Parameters in the Workbench left pane.

  2. Select a process in the Workbench right pane.

Note: All the processes that are included in the CIMPLICITY project are listed in the Workbench right pane, including device communications processes.

  1. Do one of the following.


Click Edit>Properties on the Workbench menu bar.


Click the Properties button on the Workbench toolbar.


In the Workbench left pane:

  1. Right-click Process Health Parameters.

  2. Select Properties on the Popup menu.


In the Workbench right pane:





Double-click a process.

  1. Right-click a process.

  2. Select Properties on the Popup menu.


Press Alt+Enter on the keyboard.

Result: Process Health dialog box for the selected process opens.

More information

About Process Health parameters.