Option 2.2. Review Point Cross Reference Point List

The left pane displays a list of points in the project.

You can view :

All points

Only used points

Information listed in the left pane of the Point Cross Reference window includes the:



Point Type–Whether the point is valid or invalid.



Invalid point type

Is still being used in the system.




However, it has been deleted from the point database that you view in the Point Configuration window. As a result, in reality, it does not exist.



Valid point type

Is being used in the system and is in the point database.



Number of times the point occurs in the PtXRef database

Point ID


Point ID



Description that was entered on the General tab in the Point Properties dialog box.

To re-sort the lists in the left pane of the Point Cross Reference window:

Click the title bar on top of the list that you want as the primary sort.

Result: The list you select will be sorted in ascending order. Information on the other two lists will stay with the associated items in the primary sort.

More information

Step 2. View Points in the Point Cross Reference window.