Option 2.3. Specify the Point Cross Reference View

  1. Do one of the following..

Method 1

Click the View Options button––on the Point Cross Reference toolbar.

Method 2

  1. Click View on the Point Cross Reference menu bar.

  2. Select Options.

The Views tab of the Options dialog box appears.

The options on the view tab are as follows.



Sort on

When checked sorts by the checked option:


Point Type

Whether the point is valid (included in the Points database) or invalid (appears in the system but is not included in the Points database that appears in the Point Configuration window).


Ref Count

Numeric order based on how many times the point appears in the PtXRef database


Point ID

Alphabetical order

Show only used points

When checked, the left pane displays only the points that are currently being used in your project

Enable Tree /Text View

CIMPLICITY displays either or both views, whatever is checked.

More information

Step 2. View Points in the Point Cross Reference window.