About Recipes

The CIMPLICITY Recipes software option enables you to create and manage recipe data for your production processes. The Recipes interface consists of a spreadsheet format in which you enter the configuration data for each of your recipes. This format allows you to group similar products together.

Recipes overview.

Recipe configuration.

Recipes Overview

Using the Recipes Configuration you can:

Create and manage recipe parameters, recipes, and maps in a spreadsheet format.

Import and export recipe groups to and from CSV file formats.

Archive recipe groups.

Reconcile recipe groups automatically to accommodate changes in the group's structure and layout.

Compare recipes.

Upload recipes manually.

Review and modify parameters and values.

Download recipes manually.

Recipe objects can also be embedded in CimView screens (using OCX Controls). These objects enable you to:

Upload and download recipes manually.

Review and modify parameters manually.

Recipe Configuration

Recipe overview and configuration topics include the following.

Open a RecipeConfig window.

RecipeConfig window overview.

Recipe group configuration.

Recipe control configuration.

More information

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