Step 4.5. Enter Recipe Map Properties

Each Map has an associated Map Data dialog box in which recipe map properties can be viewed and recorded.

  1. Select a recipe map using either of the following methods.

Click a map in the RecipeConfig window left pane.

Click the map's name that identifies its column in the RecipeConfig window right pane.

  1. Do one of the following:

Click Edit>Properties on the RecipeConfig window menu bar.

Click the right-mouse button; select Properties on the Popup menu.

Press Alt+Enter.

The Map Data dialog box opens.

  1. Enter and review the following.

Map Name

(Read-only) Name of the selected map.


Descriptive phrase to help identify the map.

Map Point

CIMPLICITY point ID that the map name will be written to when a Recipe is downloaded or uploaded.

Note: The point ID may be:

May be unqualified or fully qualified.

Must be a text point of sufficient length to hold the map name.

Status Point

CIMPLICITY Point ID that the status will be written to while a Recipe is downloaded or uploaded.


The point ID can be unqualified or fully qualified.

The way the status is reported depends on the point type, as follows.

An analog or float type point provides a numeric percentage (0-100%) that will be written to the point while the recipe is downloaded or uploaded.

This point can then be used to animate an object on a CimView screen.

A text point provides a status message that will be written to the point.

Be sure to use a TEXT_80 type point so that the status message can be displayed in full.

More information

Step 4. configure recipe maps.