Computer Requirements for Server Redundancy

CIMPLICITY is designed to run on a wide range of computing hardware. The primary and secondary computers should use identical hardware. Detecting the failure of the primary computer requires that the hardware meet tight timing constraints. Saturating the CPU of the computer will cause a false transfer. Free CPU bandwidth and memory is essential for the system to react in a timely manner to real failures or spikes in your process (such as the line starting.) In order to use server redundancy your computer equipment must meet the following requirements:

  1. Steady-State CPU Utilization of Primary, Secondary and viewers is less than 40%.

  2. Steady-State Memory Utilization does not require page faulting.

Note: Using the Windows Performance Monitor observe, the Memory / Pages/Sec Counter. This value should be zero.

  1. Use equipment rated for the ambient temperature of your environment.

Server Redundancy requires that the primary and secondary servers and viewers run a CIMPLICITY supported operating system. Development viewers are not supported in this capacity.

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Server redundancy hardware requirements.