Limitations: Automatic Server Redundancy Failure Recovery

CIMPLICITY Server Redundancy will not cover the following failures. Application development for manual server redundancy can frequently circumvent these limitations:

Loss of data due to failure of a single component involved in data collection.

If a cable or LAN interface fails, CIMPLICITY software detects the problem, but it will not automatically start collecting data on the secondary server. Under these circumstances, a user may choose to shut down the primary server to allow the secondary server to take over.

Loss of the communications link between CIMPLICITY primary and secondary servers while the primary server is still running.

If the link is lost, both servers will act as the primary server. The secondary server will need to be shut down, and the network repaired. CIMPLICITY software can then be restarted on the secondary server.h

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Limitations: Automatic server redundancy.