Setpoint Use in Server Redundancy

Users can make setpoint requests on either the primary or secondary server via:

Point Control Panel


Automatic Control Functions (Event Manager, Custom Programs)

While the primary server is running, all setpoints from the secondary server except those from the Automatic Control Function will be routed to the primary computer. All setpoint originating from Automatic Control Functions on the secondary will be discarded when the primary is in control.

Let's consider the case of the Event Manager. The Event Manager runs on both the primary and secondary computers. Events are triggered on both the primary and secondary computers. All setpoint requests invoked from the action or script tied to the event will be ignored on the slave computer. In other words, your scripts execute in tandem on both computers, but the output to the points is processed only on the master computer.

A Custom Program would be a PTMAP API program written by you that executes as a resident process within CIMPLICITY. Setpoints originating from this program will work the same as the Event Manager.

More information

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