4. Configure Global Points for Server Redundancy

The next step is to configure virtual points to track redundant server status during system operation. The points have the following requirements:

Naming convention is:

MASTER_PTM_RP for the primary server

SLAVE_PTM_RP for the secondary server

Type is virtual

Class is Digital

Calculation for the point is None (default).

A point will take on a value of:

1 if the server it represents is currently operating as the primary server

0 if the server is the secondary server

The current Primary Point Manager will only change the values. This implies that point updates to the global points will occur when:

There is a redundant server failure

Redundant servers are synchronized at startup

An orderly transition from secondary to primary server occurs.

 Important: If you are using point lines in Trending that automatically look for the data source, you must configure MASTER_PTM_RP and SLAVE_PTM_RP. These are the points that Trending needs to failover to the secondary server if the primary is down.

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