Reset the Primary Server after Recovery

After a primary server has failed and recovered, processes on the secondary server need to be told that the primary sever is now available. The Redundancy object provides a straightforward way to reset the primary server. CIMPLICITY automatically displays this object when the redundancy feature is activated.

 To reset the primary server on CIMPLICITY:

  1. Make sure that CIMPLICITY software is running on the primary and secondary servers.

  2. Start a project's Workbench on the primary server.

  3. Select the Objects icon in the Workbench left pane.

  4. Right-click the Redundancy object.

  5. Select Quick View from the popup menu.

The Redundancy screen appears displaying the primary computer as the slave and the secondary as the master.

  1. Click Switch.

Result: The primary server is reset to be the master.

 Note: The Alarm Manager and User Registration on the primary and secondary servers will automatically resynchronize themselves to their primary and secondary roles when the primary server initially comes on line.

The following will occur as part of the reset:

Device communications modules on the secondary server will stop collecting data and return to standby mode.

The Point Manager on the secondary server resumes its secondary role.

All viewer applications will automatically resynchronize to the primary Point Manager.

The Point Manager on the primary server will resume its primary role, and will initiate device communications modules on the primary server to start collecting data.

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