Option 2.7. Assign Role Tracker UI Privileges

The Tracker UI tab in the Role Properties dialog box is available if your CIMPLICITY product has the Tracker option enabled.

Privileges that can be assigned to a role.

Role privileges and scripting for PRT_UI

Note: In some versions previous to Proficy CIMPLICITY v7.0, Role privileges for Tracker UI and RCO UI were incorrectly recorded. This has been corrected in CIMPLICITY 7.0. However, it would be prudent to double-check that the privileges have are correctly checked or clear for each role.

Privileges that can be Assigned to a Role

Check the check box for each privilege you want to assign to a role.

Disabling privileges applies to GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms client applications.



Add/Insert Item

Add or Insert an item to a region.

Delete Item

Delete an item into a region.

Modify Item

Modify an item into a region.

Important: If you clear Modify Item the following privileges will also be unavailable (even if they are checked in the Roles Properties dialog box).

Add Attribute

Delete Attribute

Modify Attribute

Item Set/Clear Active

Fetch Item

Fetch an item.

Find Item

Find an item in the PRT database using the PRT_UI

Move/Reorder Item

Move or Reorder an item to another region using the PRT_UI.

Advance Item

Advance an item to the next region using the PRT_UI.

Add Attribute

Add a PRT standard or extended attribute.

Delete Attribute

Delete a PRT standard or extended attribute.

Modify Attribute

Modify a PRT standard or extended attribute.

Item Set/Clear Active

Activate or de-activate an item's status in a region, e.g. delayed, external hold, internal hold and normal.

Add Named Hold Flag

Add named hold flags through Object Model scripting

Modify Named Hold Flag

Modify named hold flags through Object Model scripting

Delete Named Hold Flag

Delete named hold flags through Object Model scripting.

Autolock region

Automatically lock the region so you can perform operations on items within the region whenever you want.

Region Set active

Activate a region's status.

Region Clear active

De-activate a region's status.



Select View

Select a configured view.

Add Projects

Connect to multiple projects.

Role Privileges and Scripting for PRT_UI

Scripts can be written to automate activity in the PRT_UI, e.g. add attributes to blocks, set or clear an internal hold.

When the script is run the first time it adheres to the role privileges that have been set in the Roles dialog box.

When the script has run once in the CimBasic Editor it is added to the cache. Even if the role privileges are changed dynamically, the script will continue to run as written adhering to the role privileges that were assigned when it was first run. While the script is in the cache, it does not honor the dynamically changed role privileges.


A script is written that includes Modify Named Hold Flag.

Dynamic configuration is on while the project is running.

The Modify Named Hold Flag privilege is removed dynamically.

The script will continue to perform Modify Named Hold Flag, as specified, while it is in the cache.

More information

Step 2. Assign Role privileges.