Option 2.8. Assign Role RCO UI Privileges

The RCO UI tab in the Role Properties dialog box is available if your CIMPLICITY product has the Tracker RCO UI  option enabled.

Check the check box for each privilege you want to assign to a role.

Note: In some versions previous to Proficy CIMPLICITY v7.0, Role privileges for Tracker UI and RCO UI were incorrectly recorded. This has been corrected in CIMPLICITY 7.0. However, it would be prudent to double-check that the privileges have are correctly checked or clear for each role.

Each of these features has a related menu item in the RCO_UI, which will be disabled if the corresponding check box is clear.



Enable/Disable site

Enable or Disable control sites.

Suspend site

Suspend control sites.

Manual Control

Perform manual decisions.

Execute Current Decision

Complete current decisions.


Set alarming and logging through the RCOUI

Cancel decision

Cancel RCO decisions.

Enable decision

Enable or Disable manual control decisions.

Update trigger

Refresh the status of triggers.

Reset trigger

Reset triggers manually.

Manual trigger

Manually trip a trigger.

More information

Step 2. Assign Role privileges.