About Series 90 TCP/IP Redundancy

The Series 90 TCP/IP Redundancy enabler supports cabling redundancy and PLC redundancy for Series 90 TCP/IP communications.

PLC redundancy lets you configure redundant pairs of Series 90 PLCs.

Cabling redundancy lets you configure two network paths to the same PLC.

This enabler also supports configurations that combine PLC redundancy with cabling redundancy.

Currently there are two GE Fanuc products and several Trimation products covered by a sales representation agreement with GE Fanuc that can be used for applications requiring CPU or I/O redundancy. The GE Fanuc configurable products are the Series 90-70 hot-standby, synchronized CPU and the GMR system. The Trimation products are the HBR-30, HBR-70, and TMR-30.