Series 90 TCP/IP Communication Requirements

The Series 90 TCP/IP Communication enabler has the following requirements:

Total Connections

The total number of connections allowed for CIMPLICITY Control and all Series 90 TCP/IP and SNP Communication enablers is 64. You are allowed to run multiple Series 90 TCP/IP enablers.

Port to Use

All unsolicited points for the Series 90 TCP/IP Communications enabler need to be configured on the first TCP/IP port (TCPIP0). Unsolicited points on other ports will not be received.

Multiple Projects

If a port or device is used in more than one CIMPLICITY project on a computer, then the configuration must be the same in both projects.

The file GEF_CFG.INI in the Windows directory contains the configuration data for the ports and devices. These files are shared by CIMPLICITY projects and by CIMPLICITY Control.

Copying Projects Across Nodes

If a project is copied from one computer to another, then CIMPLICITY software will attempt to merge the Port and Device configuration from the copied project into the global configuration file (GEF_CFG.INI) on the new computer. If a conflict is found then the current data on the new computer will not be changed.

For example, if a Device name is already being used but it has a different IP address then the project will connect to the wrong device. To correct this you will need to check the Port and Device configuration after copying the project.