Series 90 TCP/IP Unsolicited Data Support

The Series 90 TCP/IP Communications enabler supports the receipt of unsolicited data from Series 90-70 and Series 90-30 PLCs. The maximum message size is 2048 bytes.

All unsolicited points for the Series 90 TCP/IP Communications enabler need to be configured on the first TCP/IP port (TCPIP0). Unsolicited points on other ports will not be received.

A CIMPLICITY device point can be updated by unsolicited data messages if it meets the following criteria:

The point length in bytes is less than or equal to the data length that is transmitted in the message.

The Series 90 TCP/IP address of the device configured for the point matches that of the sending device.

The configured point address matches the Memory Type and Starting Address in the unsolicited data message.

If the data length of the message exceeds the point length, the point is not updated and a message is logged to the Status Log.