Ordinarily, the enabler polls each configured device at intervals determined by the port base scan and the device's poll point scan rate multiplier. This is Polled mode.

The enabler may also be configured for Listen Only or Handshake mode.

In Listen Only mode, the enabler listens for messages from SEAs but does not poll for data or process command points. This is useful if the SEA is configured for Open Loop mode or if another system is polling the SEAs during an initial installation or changeover between systems.

In Handshake mode, the enabler listens for and acknowledges messages and processes command points, but does not poll for data. This may reduce communication and processing overhead.

To configure the mode that the enabler operates in, add the following line to your global parameters file:


where <port> is the name of the port used by the enabler, (for example, COM1) and <mode> is LISTEN or HANDSHAKE.

More information

Advanced configuration requirements.