About Smarteye Electronic Assembly Communications

The Smarteye Electronic Assembly (SEA) Communications enabler uses the computer's serial port to communicate with Smarteye Electronic Assemblies on a multi-drop RS-232 or RS-422 network.

Using this option, CIMPLICITY software can:

Poll points at a user-defined scan rate

Read and write single points

Issue alarms to users when a device goes down or a reader error occurs

Monitor reader calibration

This enabler can:

Support up to thirty-two (32) SEAs per serial port.

Support up to eight (8) Smarteye readers per SEA.

Support Polled, Handshake, and Open Loop modes of the SEA.

This enabler supports the following CIMPLICITY features:

Polled read at user defined rates

Poll after setpoint

Triggered reads

Unsolicited data (only in RS-232 point-to-point configurations)

Alarm on communications failure

Server Redundancy configurations

This enabler supports the following data types:

Signed 8, 16, and 32 bit integers

Unsigned 8, 16, and 32 bit integers

Floating point



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