3.2. Set up the CimView Screen Source for the Viewer

There are two options for displaying CimView screens on the Viewer.

Each viewer can have its own copy of the screen files (.cim)  in a local directory.


The screens will load faster.


A screen designer or system administrator will have to make sure that whenever a screen is modified, it will be re-copied to every Viewer it is on.

Screens are loaded on the Viewer from a shared directory.


Screen changes are sure to display on each Viewer.


The speed of screen loading is dependent on the speed of network configuration and traffic.


Screens are most commonly loaded from a shared directory.

If you want users to display a keypad on the Viewer, configure a …\Proficy CIMPLICITY\Data\gefkeypad.cfg file to use the /Keypad option on each Viewer.

More information

3. CimView screen special configuration.