Sample Ladder

The sample ladder logic, shown below, sends eight (8) bytes of data, starting at address 1000, from File 0 through channel 0 (address 6000H) to configured station number 3.Logic

The data is sent to the CIMPLICITY computer whenever the Switch in the ladder diagram is activated.

Any CIMPLICITY point with a starting point address 0:1000 whose point size is less than or equal to 8 bytes updates when the PLC sends the unsolicited data. For example, if the address 1000 in PLC contains a value of 5, the following point updates occur:

An ANALOG_8 point at 0:1000 updates to 5.

An ANALOG_32 point at 0:1000 updates to 5.

A Boolean point at 0:1000 with an address offset 0 updates to 1.

More information

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