Sharp TCP/IP Unsolicited Data

Unsolicited data is supported for the Sharp TCP/IP communication interface.

You must develop ladder logic to send the unsolicited data from a Sharp PLC to the CIMPLICITY host computer.

Use the Sharp SEND/RECEIVE instruction to send data from the PLC to the CIMPLICITY host computer.

The ladder logic should also check to ensure that the connection has been made and that the requests are acknowledged.

The destination file address used in the SEND/RECEIVE instruction must exactly match the unsolicited point address in the CIMPLICITY project.

For your CIMPLICITY project to receive the data, you must configure the computer's IP address at the correct location in the "Station Number Correspondence Table" of the Ethernet module in the Sharp PLC.

Any CIMPLICITY point with the same starting address as the unsolicited data and whose size is less than or equal to the size of the unsolicited data updates when the PLC sends the unsolicited data.

If you are implementing polled and unsolicited communications in Sharp Ethernet module JW-50CM, do the following:

Configure one device in your CIMPLICITY project for polled data.

Configure a second device at the same IP address, and a different socket port number for unsolicited data.

See the New Satellite JW Series Programmable Controller - A User's Manual - Ethernet Interface Module type JW-50CM Rev 1.0 for details about configuring the Ethernet module.

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