Verify the PLC Connection

Type the following command at the MS-DOS prompt in your command window to verify the connection between your computer and a Sharp PLC:

sharp_diag <Host Name> <Socket Port Number>

If the test succeeds, output with the following format displays:

Host name: <Computer name>     PLC name: <PLC name>     Port number: <Port number>

<Computer name> is bound to the socket.

<Computer name> is connected to <PLC name>.

Communication between <Computer name> and <PLC name> is disconnected (normal exit).

Example-Connection Verification

For example, if the computer name is ABC123, the configured host name is SHARP and the configured port number is 24576, the output for a command:

sharp_diag ABC123 24576

looks like this:

Socket port: 24576

Host name: ABC123     PLC name: SHARP     Port number: 24576

ABC123 is bound to the socket.

ABC123 is connected to SHARP.

Communication between ABC123 and SHARP is disconnected (normal exit).

More information

Sharp TCP/IP Communications test program.