Step 4. Search for User Information

You can use the Search function to look for a specific User ID, Role, Node or Process in the currently active Show Users sub-window.

  1. Do one of the following:

Select Search... on the Search menu,

Click the Search button on the Show Users window toolbar.

Press Ctrl+S on the keyboard.

The Search dialog box opens displaying the last search criteria that were entered.

  1. Fill in any single or combination of fields to search the list of users in a project.

User ID,


Node, and/or


Note: You can use the drop-down list buttons to the right of each field to display and select previous search filters.

  1. Click Find.

The first user that matches the criteria in the active sub-window's list is highlighted.

  1. Use the Search dialog box navigation buttons or quick keys to search for items that match the criteria as follows.

Button (key)

Moves the selection in the active sub-window to the:

Next (Ctrl+N)

Next item that matches the search criteria.

Previous (Ctrl+P)

Previous item that matches the search criteria.

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