About SNP and SNPX Communications

The SNP Communications enabler uses the Series Ninety Protocol (SNP) to communicate with Series 90 controllers over a serial line.

The SNPX Communications enabler uses the SNPX protocol to communicate with Series 90-30 controllers over a serial line.

SNP and SNPX are half-duplex protocols that uses the RS-485 (enhanced version of RS-422) and RS-232 electrical interfaces. These protocols permit communication between one master and one or more slaves. Communication between CIMPLICITY software and Series 90 controllers may be set up as a point-to-point connection or a multi-drop configuration. Connections may be established on the RS-485 CPU port of the Series 90 or via the CMM card.

Both enablers support the following CIMPLICITY features:

Polled reads at user defined rates

Poll after setpoint

Triggered reads

Analog deadband

Alarm on communications failure

Server Redundancy configurations

Both enablers support the following data types:

Signed 8, 16, and 32 bit integer

Unsigned 8, 16, and 32 bit integer

Floating point



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