SNP and SNPX Hardware Installation (External)

The CIMPLICITY SNP and SNPX Communications enablers support point-to-point and multi-drop configurations of Series 90 controllers.

When you configure the SNP port, you will need to know the baud rate and parity being used by the Series 90 programmable controllers. In addition, CIMPLICITY software uses 8-bit characters with 1 stop bit for communicating with Series 90 controllers.

If a CMM card is used, it may be desirable to configure an SNP ID different from that of the attached port. The Series 90 Programmable Controller Serial Communications User's Manual (GFK-0582) describes the ladder logic required to change the SNP ID. If this is done, be sure that the Series 90 is in a RUN state, and the SNPIO ladder logic has successfully completed before attempting to communicate with the device via CIMPLICITY software or device communications will fail.

In general, a baud rate of 9600 or less is recommended. If both ports on the CMM module are in use, the baud rate must be 9600 or less.

 Caution: Serial ports on the Series 90 family are not isolated. Potential differences above 7 volts will cause damage. Isolators should be employed on long distance runs to guard against equipment damage.

The Installation manuals shipped with the Series 90 controller provide information under Cabling for connecting to the attached port of Series 90 controllers. The Serial Communications manual provides information for connecting to the CMM port available for some Series 90s.

When you refer to this documentation, use the following guidelines:

Computers with 9-pin serial connectors should follow the cabling diagrams for IBM-AT compatible Personal Computers.

On the following pages are several sample configurations with cabling directions. A more comprehensive description is available in the Installation manuals listed above. Refer to these manuals for cable and connector information as well as information regarding the converters.

More information

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