SNPX Global Parameters





Time after SNPX Broadcast Attach Messages

This parameter controls the time delay after SNPX broadcast attach messages. By default, there is a 20-millisecond delay after the SNPX broadcast attach messages. If the SNPX fails to read data from PLCs while the PLCs are running, a longer delay is recommended to resolve the read request failure situation. You can configure a longer delay value by defining a logical named SNPX_ BROADCAST_TIME.

To define this logical, add a line to the project's data\log_names.cfg file with the following format:


where <time> is the desired delay time in milliseconds after the SNP-X broadcast attach messages.

If you create or modify the logical, you must stop and restart the project for the new value to take effect. Please refer to Series 90 PLC Serial Communications User's Manual for more information regarding this broadcast delay timer.


When an INI file is used and SNPX_VALIDATE was defined to a value of N, device communication will always resume following a drop in the communications.

In SNPX, one may choose to define the memory sizes for a given device by creating a file named <PORT>.INI and including information about the memory sizes for one or more devices configured on the given CIMPLICITY port.  The format of the file is as follows:


MemoryType=CountOfMemory Type

Below is a sample file for COM1 (MASTER_COM1.INI) where one Device, DEVICE1 has been configured:














By default, the communication interface will evaluate the information and confirm that the last element in each specified range exists.  If the items doesn’t exist, then the communication interface will, by default, attempt to determine the number of items configured for the given memory type.

To override this behavior, a global can created at the device, or project level to override the behavior. When defined, the device level global overrides the project level global which overrides the default.

The project level global is defined as SNPX_VALIDATE.


The device level global parameter is< DEVICE>_VALIDATE.


Device is the name of the device.

The default value is Y.

To override the default, define the global to have a value of N.

More information

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