ISolveInterface.BrowseAttributes (method)

Invokes the Attribute Browser dialog.
Syntax: SCODE = object.BrowseAttributes ( attributesOut )
attributesOut As VARIANT* - Pass in an existing CoCimSafeArray3 object. It will be filled in with an array of VARIANTs containing the selected attributes. (Note: In VBScript and VBA/VB, you may pass a Variant and this function will return a native array.)
Description: browser.BrowseAttributes displays the attribute browse dialog and waits for the user to pick an item or cancel. If the user picks at least one item a value of S_OK is returned, if the user does not pick an item a value of S_FALSE is returned.


Dim i As Variant
Dim errorCode As Long
Dim errorString As String
Dim low As Long
Dim high As Long
Dim attributeArray As Variant
Set attributeArray = CreateObject("CIMPLICITY.CimSafeArray.3")
i = browser.BrowseAttributes(attributeArray)
If CInt(i) = 0 Then
  attributeArray.GetArrayBounds 1, low, high
  For j = low To high
    MsgBox "Attribute " + CStr(j) + " = " + attributeArray.Element(j)
  i = browser.LastError(errorCode, errorString)
  MsgBox "Error code = " + CStr(errorCode) + ", Error string = " + errorString
End If