ISolveInterface.EditExpression (method)

Invokes the Edit Expression dialog.
Syntax: SCODE = object.EditExpression ( itemType, name, expression, previous, editedExpression )
itemType As String - The item type of the expression to edit.
name As String - The name of the expression to edit.
expression As String - The initial value of the expression.
previous As long - The version of the expression this one is based on..
editedExpression As BSTR* - The text of the new expression.
Description: browser.EditExpression displays the edit expression dialog and waits for the user to pick an item or cancel. If the user saves the expression at any time a value of S_OK is returned, if the user cancels then a value of S_FALSE is returned.


Dim expression As String
i = browser.EditExpression("VEHICLE ORDER", "VO", "Expression Text", 0, expression)
If CInt(i) = 0 Then MsgBox "expression edited = " + expression