ISolveInterface.TestItem (method)

Test the item Id to see if it meets the expression.
Syntax: SCODE = object.TestItem ( itemId, expression, pass )
itemId As String - The item Id to be checked against the expression.
expression As String - The expression to be used in the test.
pass As boolean* - Did the item pass the expression.
Description: browser.TestItem test the item Id using the given expression. If the test succeeds then pass is set to TRUE, if the test fails then pass is set to FALSE. If there are no problems with the database then a value of S_OK is returned. If there are problems then a value of S_FALSE is returned.


Dim isgood As Boolean
i = browser.TestItem("1", "Order Card.C=l'c%'", isgood)
If CInt(i) = 0 Then MsgBox "Test Item is " + CStr(isgood)