ISolveInterface.UpdateItems (method)

Update values for items that match the expression.
Syntax: SCODE = object.UpdateItems ( itemType, expression, attributeList )
itemType As String - The item type of the items to be searched.
expression As String - The expression used in generating the list of matching items.
attributeList As String -
Description: browser.UpdateItems creates a list of items that match the expression and updates the database to set attributes to the specified values. If successful return S_OK. If the query fails then a value of S_FALSE is returned. If the array is empty then no values were returned.


Dim i As Variant
Dim errorCode As Long
Dim errorString As String
i = browser.UpdateItems("VEHICLE ORDER", "Order Card.C=l'c%'", "Order Card.C='abc';Order Card.Master Blend Date='1/1/2000'")
If CInt(i) <> 0 Then
  i = browser.LastError(errorCode, errorString)
  MsgBox "Error code = " + CStr(errorCode) + ", Error string = " + errorString
End If