Step 3. Configure SPC General Properties

Define the appearance of your SPC chart in the General tab of the SPC Control Properties dialog box.

  1. Enter the qualified path to the project and SPC document containing the data to be displayed in the chart. Alternately, click the Browse button to search for the project and SPC document.

  2. Select the Product to be charted from the drop-down list.

  3. In the Batch ID field, enter the text that identifies the batch process to be examined. The chart will display only those points where the content of the Batch Point ID matches this identifier.

  1. Select the Quality Characteristic (QC) to be examined for the product using the drop-down list. You will have two or more options to choose from based on the calculation for the product and the selected QC: Report and chart type(s).

  2. Click the appropriate radio button to select the duration for data collection:

Show most recent values: Displays the most recent values collected in the chart.

Time span: Indicate the start time and date and the ending time and date to collect data to be displayed on the chart.

More information

Configure an SPC chart in CimEdit.