Configure SPC Data

SPC offers several data collection types, including using Points to track the quality of variables and attributes, and the frequency of defects. You can also implement several types of control tests, the results of which can be displayed on XBar-R or XBar-S chart sets for variables, and p, nP, c and u chart sets for attributes.

With this in mind, begin configuring your SPC application(s) considering which factors will be needed to support your quality control program.

Consider the following:

Who will use SPC and in what manner. Configure SPC for users who:

Will have SPC on a server and will be able to configure SPC data.

Will have a runtime version and will make runtime decisions.

What products SPC will be tracking for data.

Which variables are to be monitored for quality, for example Widget_length. In order to keep data management under control, begin with a few of the most critical variables. This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by too much information. Also, avoid collecting data too frequently.

Which attributes require monitoring for quality. Again, select only the most critical attributes when you first begin.

Which defects for each product need to be tracked, for example Color_too_light.

 Important: The SPC Data Collector logs its raw and calculated data to an ODBC data source. Before you start configuring SPC for a project, make sure that the CIMPLICITY Database Logger is installed and configured for the project.

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