Option 4.3.2. Logged Collection for an Attribute

You can choose to use data logged for the attribute in the ODBC database table that is updated by CIMPLICITY. Specify logged collection options using the Attribute Quality Characteristic Properties dialog box.

 To specify Logged for data collection:

  1. Select the Collection tab.

  2. Check the Logged radio button.

  3. Use the ODBC data source drop-down list to select the name of the database from which SPC will retrieve data.

  4. In the Database user field, enter a name for the user when logging into the ODBC data source.

  1. In the Password field, enter a password for the user when logging into the ODBC data source.

Click to browse for the Table ID where data is located.

Click to browse for the Column ID where data is located.

Click to browse column ID to match against when using the same data source for multiple attributes.

  1. In the Match value field, enter a value (integer) to be matched against the Match Column ID to determine whether the collected data applies to this specific attribute quality characteristic.

  2. (If the process is a batch process) click to browse for the Batch Column ID that will allow you to distinguish between different batches for the same Product Quality Characteristic. The value of the Batch Point is associated with the calculated data and can be used as search criteria for charts and reports.

  3. Indicate the Subgroup size as follows:

Enter a numeric value, or

Click to browse for the column where the subgroup size is located.

  1. Check Manual entry allowed to enable manual data entry for SPC chart sets at runtime; clear to disable option.

More information

Step 4.3. Define an attribute's collection characteristics.