Step 1.3. Define Document Properties

  1. Click File>Properties on the document window menu bar.

The Document Properties dialog box opens.

  1. Select the following.




Activate data collection for the document.

Important: The Database Logger must be configured for the project to enable the SPC Data Collector.




Log update interval in seconds

Number (of seconds) that raw data will be retrieved from the database when using logged data as input.

ODBC data source

ODBC data source to use for the open CIMPLICITY project.

Database user

Authorized database user.


Valid user password.


All the SPC documents in a CIMPLICITY project must log their data to the same SPC data source.

If Server Redundancy is running, the Document Properties dialog box will enable you to specify the source and user for both the data master and the data slave.

More information

Step 1. Add and configure an SPC document.