Step 3.3. Define a Variable's Collection Characteristics

Define SPC's collection method and the source of the variable input data using the Collection tab in the Variable Quality Characteristic Properties dialog box.

Collection methods.

Collection procedures.

Collection Methods

Collection Method


Automatic Data Collection

Either Point, Logged or None. The type selected will activate corresponding fields in the dialog box. When you use an Automatic Collection method, you can also use:

The same data source for multiple attributes (Match Point)

A batch process (Batch Point ID or Batch Column ID)

Point Data Collection

One or more CIMPLICITY Points are specified, along with start and end indices for array Points, and any engineering unit conversion (default).

Logged Data Collection

Retrieves data from an ODBC database table. Define the ODBC data source, table and column names.


Specify whether manual entry will be allowed. Manual entry can be allowed for any type of data collection you choose. SPC automatically includes manual entry when you select None. Select this option to prevent automatic data collection.

Collection Procedures

Option 3.3.1

Point collection for a variable.

Option 3.3.2

Logged collection for a variable.

Option 3.3.2

No collection for a variable.

More information

Step 3. Add and configure variable quality characteristics.