About Statistical Process Control

Welcome to Statistical Process Control (SPC), CIMPLICITY's state-of-the-art option for supporting a successful quality control program! SPC enhances your ability to manage a quality control program by addressing the four major phases of quality control:






SPC operation overview.

Configure SPC data.

Configure an SPC chart.

SPC chart runtime functions.

SPC chart calculations.

SPC Glossary.

CIMPLICITY SPC supports your quality control program by enabling you to:

Collect substantial amounts of accurate data.

Convert data into meaningful information.

Use information to change your process and increase quality.

Monitor your process on a continuous basis.

React to runtime information.

Maintain consistent quality levels.

SPC is built on and fully integrated with the CIMPLICITY family of products. As with all CIMPLICITY products, SPC runs in a Windows-based environment enabling flexibility for multiple users and a familiar platform that decreases the learning curve.

More information

CIMPLICITY SPC option overview.

Upgrade old SPC charts.

Quick Start: Install and configure the SPC options.

SPC data source.