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SPC Statistical tools

The CIMPLICITY SPC option provides you with the industry-standard set of statistical tools that enable you to analyze data and convert it into useful information. CIMPLICITY SPC is capable of collecting and analyzing data 24-hours a day, providing critical information about potential quality problems using the alarming feature. This enables you to make improvements to your quality program, and allows you to monitor changes and verify results.

CIMPLICITY SPC provides you with the following types of charts and printed reports for analyzing your process data:


Variable Characteristics

Attribute Characteristics



XBar-R, Bar R

XBar S,  Bar S



Moving Average

Moving Range








Based on Microsoft's design standards, CIMPLICITY SPC charts are designed as OCX control objects, so that they are easily added to your CimView screens.

SPC Features

The SPC option comes complete with a host of exciting features.

Major features include:

Live data viewing from ActiveX containers such as CimView screens and Internet Explorer.

Easy scalability from a simple workstation to Client-Server configurations.

Generation of CIMPLICITY alarms for out-of-control conditions. This means in addition to displaying out-of-control conditions on SPC charts, you can display alarms for them in the Alarm Viewer, log them to an Alarm Log Printer, and log them via the Database Logger.

Centralized configuration that allows for the creation and maintenance of all the various characteristics and specification limits for your process, even though your charts may cross over several CimView screens on your system.

XBar-R, X-Individual, XBar-S, and Histogram charts for variable quality characteristics.

p, nP, c and u charts for attribute quality characteristics.

Pareto charts for defect analysis.

Tabular reports that let you view numeric data in table format.

High quality printing directly from the SPC ActiveX control.

Both logged and runtime Point data collection.

Access to changing values for sample sizes, control limits and auto recalculation during runtime.

Manual data entry through a dialog in the SPC ActiveX control.

Calculated data stored in a database via ODBC that lets you use standard database tools for such things as exporting data, reporting and maintenance.

SPC Components

The SPC option consists of the following three components:



SPC Data Collector

Process that runs in the background and collects data, performs analysis, alarms out-of-control conditions and writes calculated data to the database based on your configuration. A new enhanced feature of SPC is the ability to analyze attribute data and store the resulting data in a database for further processing.

SPC Group Configuration

Graphical User Interface that enables you to configure the quality characteristics and defect categories to be analyzed. The latest addition to the Interface is the ability to configure attribute characteristics.

SPC ActiveX Control

ActiveX control that can be embedded in an ActiveX container, such as a CimEdit/CimView screen or Internet Explorer. This enables you to view the data analyzed by the SPC Data Collector through various charts and reports. Also, you can perform such functions as manually entering data, printing, displaying charts, and setting up an ODBC data source.

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