Quick Start: Install and configure the SPC Option

Before you can begin to use the powerful features offered by the SPC option, make sure the option is installed on all computers where you want to collect or view SPC data. Installing the SPC option is quick and easy using your original installation CD for CIMPLICITY.

Install the SPC option.

Open the SPC Configuration window.

  1. Install the SPC option

SPC is installed when you installed CIMPLICITY.

SPC is enabled if you have the appropriate license .

  1. Open the SPC Configuration window

  1. Configure an ODBC data source. A default Microsoft Access database called CIMPLICITY SPC is automatically created when you install SPC. You only need to change or re-configure this if you want to use a data source other than Microsoft Access.

  2. Configure SPC data collection as follows:

  1. Open your project in the Workbench.

  2. Click Project on the menu bar.

  3. Select Properties to open the Project Properties dialog box.

  4. Check the SPC Charts and Database Logger boxes in the Options group.

  5. Click OK.

The Database Logger and SPC icons display in the Workbench left pane.

  1. Double-click the SPC icon to open the SPC Configuration window.

  1. Run your project.

SPC data collection automatically starts.

  1. Configure an SPC chart(s).

 Note: Other chart properties are configured for your convenience. You may use these default properties or tailor them to your application.

More information

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