What Happens during the Upgrade Procedure

When you upgrade your old SPC charts to the latest version of the software, you will be prompted for information in order to facilitate the transition. The following list explains what happens during the upgrade procedure.

  1. The upgrade procedure begins by prompting you for an ODBC data source for storing the results of intermediate SPC calculations. The ODBC data source is where the SPC data collector process will store its data.

  2. After prompting for an ODBC data source, the upgrade procedure searches through all CimView screens, starting in the directory you specify, and recurring through all its subdirectories. As the utility finds references to old style Quality Charts in these screens, it prompts you for a Product Name and QC Name for each of the charts. Then it replaces the charts.

  3. Finally, the upgrade procedure generates a single SPC configuration file called SPC1.SPC. It places this configuration file in your project's SPC directory. All charts in the project need to know the location of this configuration file. The upgrade procedure takes care of this for existing charts that it upgrades.

 Caution: Do not move, rename, or delete the spc1.spc file.

When you add a new chart you will need to select the spc1.spc file as the group file in the chart's General tab. The configuration file tells chart what quality characteristics are available and where to find the data. The data collection process also uses this configuration file to know what data to collect, and on which data source to log results.

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