Log_names.cfg File

Entries in the log_names.cfg file are in the following format:



<logical_name> is the name of the logical

<type> is the type of logical (usually set to P for project)

<length> is the number of characters in <value>

<value> is the value to be assigned to the logical name.

You may use Notepad to edit the file.

 To change a logical name in the Logical Names file for a project:

  1. Click Tools on the Workbench menu bar.

  2. Select Command Prompt.

An MS DOS window opens.

  1. Type cd data.

  2. Type notepad log_names.cfg.

Notepad opens displaying the log_names.cfg

  1. Find the parameter you want to change, and make the change.

  2. Exit the Notepad.

  3. Type exit to exit the Command Prompt window.

 Note: When you are ready to implement the change in the runtime system, you will have to stop and restart CIMPLICITY software.

More information

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