Point Management Logical Names

Point Management will accommodate "reasonable" periods of temporary growth in the use of system memory, yet try to keep an errant client from causing Point Management to consume all resources. You can use Point Management logical names to modify the parameters Point Management uses to determine what is "reasonable".

Logical name



Threshold limit at which the burst handling code will be initiated. The default is 25.


Number of seconds. If the number of seconds specified by this logical have transpired without any communication with a client and an attempt is made to queue another message to this application, messages will be dropped.

Note: Setting the BSM_PTM_AW_OF_DELAY value to zero causes BSM_PTM_APPQ to be used as an absolute limit for dropping messages rather than as a threshold at which burst/growth monitoring is initiated.

The default is 50.



BSM_PTM_DCQ sets the number of messages from a devcom that will be queued for processing in Point Manager to 200 (default).

(BSM_PTM_AQ_PERIOD and BSM_PTM_AQ_CNT4DROP work together.)


Number of seconds in a period. The default is 15.


Count of periods. The default is 6.

Note: Point Management may log the following messages:

Application queue threshold exceeded…

Application queue overflow occurred…

The logging of these messages and the behavior leading to this can be affected by the Point Management logical names.

More information

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