Levels in a System in which Counters Operate

 Note: Following are the levels in a system in which counters operate.

Level 1–Object

A system can be divided in several objects.


There is a CIMPLICITY object called Alarm Class.

There is a Windows object called LogicalDisk

Level 2–Counter

There are one or more resources in an object that can be numerically counted.


HMI Alarm Class includes Acknowledged alarms (Acked) and any Alarms (Alarms). Both can be counted

LogicalDisk includes several resources that can be numerically tracked. Resources include % Free Space, % Disk Read time, Avg. Disk Bytes per read

Level 3–Instance

Each counter includes one or more specific instance that can be singled out for diagnosis.


HMI Alarm Class Acknowledged alarms can focus on a specific CIMPLICITY project, such as CIMPDEMO, or all the projects on a system (_Total)

LogicalDisk % Free space can focus on a specific drive, such as the C: drive or all the drives in the system (_Total)

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